ELO Automation Services - Process automation made easy

Routine tasks have the potential for automation. Processing steps which were previously performed manually can be configured with the help of the module via rules and wizards without any time-consuming programming.

The user-prepared rules can be easily activated and processed via the ELO Automation Services’ easy-to-use configuration interfaces - and thus automate individual processing steps to entire process chains. The process must only be defined once and is then implemented by the software. This approach significantly reduces the error rate and streamlines workflows. This saves companies time and can significantly increase the quality of their processes.

Save time, reduce costs

With the help of the module, new documents can also be filed precisely and transaction-specifically in the archive with automated subsequent keywording. The target path is thereby automatically determined, folders and filing structures are automatically created. For this, the user can modify the necessary configurations without any programming knowledge of his own. For more complex tasks, the use of JavaScripts is also possible.

More transparency

An additional advantage of the ELO Automation Services is the option of specifying selected areas in the archive which the software checks at preset time intervals. If in the meantime new documents have been set up or a colleague has processed a document, the user is automatically informed of this. Therefore he always has a current overview and can accordingly react quickly to changes. With ELO Automation Services, companies receive a powerful server module which puts them in the position to control work processes automatically. They gain time and can therefore sustainably reduce processing costs.


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